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Spamming Gagosian. As Art: Spamming Gagosian. As Art invites users to one-click their way to instant stardom and fortune all through a simple PHP script. And it comes from my server account so no legal repercussions! A single user click sends appx. 10-15 emails to a series of Gagosian's personal and professional email accounts, including his international gallery/museum submission offices. Spamming Gagosian. As Art can be found online and is accessible to the public at large. Since its inception in June 2011, over 3000 emails have been sent to Gagosian (or to his junk box- last update 8/1/11). When installed in a gallery, a laptop allows users to easily click to spam and a display connected to the cpu shows an open inbox of sent messages.

>> Spam Larry here (SGAA website).
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